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PostPosted: Sat Aug 05, 2017 9:24 am 
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Hello to you all!

So I've dived in to the Game couple of months ago. As a first field test of my newly learned techniques I went to a solid Club that is little bit outside of small town where I live. It was saturday and surprisingly there was only a group of people (male) in the first section of the Club, and arround the bar was only one "average Joe" guy talking to the waitress. Waitress was totally hot blonde, smaller in height, beautiful smile, almost athletic body, big breast's and very friendly.

As I started a conversation (just jumped into ongoing discusion, between "average Joe" and the Blonde, about alergies or something stupid) she was starting to come every little bit closer to the place at the bar where i was sitting. I've demonstrated some knowledge on medicine, psychology, etc. and she was hooked.

That night we went out ater her shift and just talked about everything. She said she has boyfriend and all that crap, but 3 days later as i came for a coup of coffe at the same Club (in the daytime its a Coffe house) I mentioned something like "Your boyfriend could help you with ___(something)__", on which she replyed that they broke up. Night after we went walking and we kissed (there was that Last Minute Resistance but I've managed it :) ).

So far so good you say, and it was up until about 3 weeks into this relationship. Thing is that I work in shifts to, and mostly our working hours didnt match so we have only seen each other 4 or 5 times during those 3-4 weeks and mostly in the Coffe house (Club) where she's working during her shift. Things got more complicated when she, on every our encounter, started Bitch session: complaining about her life, her friends, problems with her parents..
Thing just fall in to the Friend-Zone and on couple of occasion's she mentioned that she want to be just friends. We havent kissed again, there was no rubbing or intimate hand touching, but only hugs and kiss on my cheek. We've continued to hang out every now and then and text each other on Facebook.

Most bizarre thing that started to happen was photos she send my. I like cats, she does also, and on my request to see her cat she started sending photos of cat with her (on every photo she was wearing bathing costume or some hot summer outfits :P ). I understood what she was doing, she liked my sexual attention which i havent demonstrated since we've agreed to be Just Friends.

Here I saw my opportunity to get her want me more (even so I've checked again couple of times, Vocally and physically, that we are still in friend zone - and we where). To make her jealous, and make the Best test of her true feelings towards me, I've went out with my Ex (Blonde doesn't know her or that we've been involved in anything), made a selfie with Ex in some Bar and posted it on Facebook.
Two days after Blonde unfriend me on FB and blocked messages. WTF, i said to myself, what is this?

Now i don't know what to do. Does she just wants more attention, is she attention Should I go to the Club when she's working, or just pretend like i dont give a damn - because in fact, I'm Crazy about her and I was never cool with that Friend sh:t :/

Some good advice is needed here.

Sorry for grammar slips, English is not my first languge.

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