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PostPosted: Wed Jan 18, 2017 12:35 am 
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Greetings everyone. I'm new here and to 'the game' in general.
I went out today with intentions of opening sets to practice. But my first one went wrong. It could have been worse, but I didnt open any others sets afterwards.

SETTING: WAL-MART TIME: AFTERNOON (I am in a small town of about 30k people. Wal-Mart is all we got in terms of a target-rich enviroment.)

I prepared for my outing by getting pumped up, listing to music, reading over my affirmations list and grooming myself. Dressed up nice and had the tunes playing in my car. Basically, my mindset was honed to a energetic and confident level.

Inside Wal-Mart: I had a hand-basket and I saw an HB 7 in an aisle. We made eye contact and I smiled. She didnt. I walked around an display and approached her from an angle that was probably about 110 degrees from behind. I said:
"Excuse me miss! I need a female's opinion. I dont have long as I have to get back to my friends. But I was having a debate with my brother and we were trying to figure out who lies or women? What do you think?"

My body language was non-rapport seeking and facing away from her, while my head was turned towards her. She smiled feebly said "About 50-50." I asked her why she thought that. She gave an explanation. I then turned towards her to face her straight on.

I said "Well, this is a two part question. Who do you think lies more? Men or women?" She said women, because they're smarter. I laughed and started walking away, then I said "Hey, you're pretty friendly. Where you from? You must not be from here."

She said where she was from, and i asked 'What are you doing here? (In town)" Her: Taking a test at the college. I said "Great. Is that for a job or pleasure?"

She just stared at me and didnt say anything. Then she turned and said, "I have to go."
I said. "Oh yeah. Go ahead."
Towards the end I could feel myself scrambling for things to say. And I could almost feel her become uncomfortable. I know she was just rejecting my technique, and not me. I'm usually a very confident person, but this shook me. I avoided her the rest of the time at Wal-Mart, didnt make eye contact with anyone and i bought some groceries. Then i went home.

Even the dang cashier could sense what i felt and gave me the bitch face lol.

Yeah not good overall.

PostPosted: Sun Jan 22, 2017 11:12 am 
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As far as the cashier giving you the "bitch face" it's all in your head. When someone fails at something their perception towards their environment changes. In other words they often begin to feel that everyone is watching them and staring them down, pointing and talking about them and gives them the eerie feeling that everyone knows. This can happen in a bar setting as well. Truthfully very few if any at all caught your conversation, remember it or cared at all.

What I am saying is that the failed pick up impacted your confidence but don't let that happen since most the people in the store never noticed it at all, didn't care because they were mostly focused on what they were doing or simply didn't hear you. So don't let one set wreck your confidence.

Also it was just one set. Not all sets are going to be super successful or get you a "number close". It's a numbers game I.e. the more sets you open the better the odds you have at picking up a girl.

I would say that you didn't do real bad and that it really wasn't a complete failure. We don't know if she had a boyfriend, if she was putting on a tough "bitch shield" that wasn't fully dropped by technique or if she was just flat out not interested.

What I can say is your approach wasn't bad and you did open but didn't quite stream into a mid-game and somewhat lost the conversation by failing to build rapport and interest.

Also "Grocery store" style pickup is actually a different type of animal. You have to either go Direct or Traditional (indirect). You seem to use the Traditional approach with openers and canned material so I suggest you research "supermarket pickup". There is a very specific way of doing this if you go Traditional which incorporates very specific openers. Check the forum and online which have some openers pertaining to Grocery shopping pickup tactics. My buddy Dave has picked up quite a few women in the supermarket I can ask him for a little insight and post it when I get more time.

Other than that try to open up at least 3 girls in the store. Maybe a worker or two, several milfs shopping, some sporty chicks in shorts, etc. And if possible atleast one while your in line paying for groceries either in front or back of you or one while you are headed to the parking lot or in the parking lot. The idea is to open up several girls to increase your odds. Dave likes to "number close" 2-3 chicks before he leaves which is why I am suggesting opening up more than one set.

Also a girl on aisle 9 had no clue you failed to close a chick on aisle 1. So don't let one set stop you from opening another. Use it to your advantage and to increase your confidence to open up a second set. Don't get frustrated and try to get into the mindset that the more sets you open the higher your confidence level increases.

You will find most quality women in the shampoo aisle, health food section, frozen foods or the pharmacy. Mostly shampoo and cosmetics. Make sure you have a good reason why you are in that section you don't want to come off as a creep or maybe your just cutting through briefly.


PostPosted: Mon Jan 23, 2017 4:23 am 
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Hi, i'm a newbie but i can make some observations based on the MM model.

marsman01 wrote:
"Hey, you're pretty friendly.
It seems to be an IOI of your part too soon, before generate enough attraction.
marsman01 wrote:
Where you from? You must not be from here. She said where she was from, and i asked 'What are you doing here? (In town)" Her: Taking a test at the college. I said "Great. Is that for a job or pleasure?"
Seems to build comfort before attraction.

So you skip the A2 and A3 stages of the MM model. This is, negs, teasing, push-pull, dhv, stacking, etc. (A1) and male to female interest, kino, compliance, etc. (A3). If you did this ok, in theory, she will try to build comfort with you.

Regards from Argentina!

PostPosted: Mon Jan 23, 2017 7:59 am 
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Hi my name is whatever,i wanted too meet you is much better and normal then who lies more,and what"s with i looked at her,but my body was turned 10,15,20 or 50 degrees left,drop thoose and be normal and have fun talking to her,ofc she rejected you

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