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Mugon was having a horrible night, everyone he opened was a dead end. It sucked to see him suck.. he's my friend, and as a friend, and a man with honor, I didn't want him to have a bad night while I'm having fun. He tried to ask a few HBs dancing but very few bought in, mostly cougars or young ones that sucked at dancing. Me, in the other hand, I decided to text this HB I had met a month ago to meet us at Crush. She's an amazing dancer. I texted her a month ago a few days after we had met but tbh I think my game either sucked or she wasn't interested then. Either way, I texted her yesterday and things were going great. This time I used a completely different approach.

"You owe me a dance! And I'm needy tonight so I'm not accepting excuses!" I texted
"Oh my gosh, okay but I'm gonna go comfy lol"
"Yuss! I get to see ya in comfy clothes, I talk a lotta shit, you've been warned"

The conversation went on, I kept negging her until she agreed to be there at 11. We will call her HB9 Moves.

I arrived at 10, I danced with 3 HBs until I noticed around 10:45 she was watching me from the VIP dancing with this other HB. HB7 PR(She's from Puerto Rico and was looking to have fun, not my type) wasn't very happy to see me dance with a much hotter younger HB. I didn't care, Moves had priority (that might be the downfall). We danced until the lights came on, it was great, we were the center of attention, all eyes were on us. We felt like celebrities for a good minute, people in the woodlands aren't very good dancers, or must not be (not saying I'm bad, but from 1 to 10 when it comes to dancing I'm a 7.75). We were complimented all night, I negged her, we people watched and talked shit, I teased her about her choice of clothing. I walked her to her car, I looked in her green eyes, and I chickened out, I should've went for the kiss... Or should I? I was in the moment I had forgotten any routines to kiss close. I remembered reading Style's "the game" about how he had trouble with this, but I couldn't seem to remember how he went about it so I hugged her goodbye. As I walked away she stopped me
"Do you work all night tomorrow?"
"I think I'll get off around 10ish"
"You should come to my job and have a drink, I make a mean margarita"
"I'll think about it, but hit me up when you're on this side of town again"
"If I don't see you tomorrow I will"

I smiled, winked and blew a kiss at her in a very smooth goodbye motion. I'm not sure if this was a good close or a horrible close. Any pointers?

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