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PostPosted: Fri Mar 03, 2017 12:50 am 
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Good evening, gents!

First of all, some background information. I was quite the introvert when I was younger. It took me about two years to educate the social extrovert I am today, long before even considering being a PUA. In January 2016, after a rather long dry period, I met this girl that screwed up my peace of mind quite heavily. We were together for about 4 months in which I've neglected my friends, lost some career opportunities and was an overall moron, also being the only one to not notice it. When we finally broke up, I was both free and pissed off at myself. I had two more girls for a night each that didn't lead anywhere.

Finally, this year in January I've met this beautiful girl, had a one night stand and, as i tried getting her out a few days later and failed, i realized my game needed improvement. Some time before I accidentally came across an Adam Lyons video and remembered him. After quite a lot of research, failed approaches and study, I found Mystery's method to be my favorite. Recently, I started having some success. This will be my log, mostly for myself, but if it ends up being useful to anyone else, all the better.

I spend quite some time failing, as I've said before, but after my first success, things started rolling quite nicely. That happened about a week ago in a night club, where I went sarging solo, as my friends were out of town. A red bull, a shot of absinthe and in I go. I bought a beer and took a table right next to some people. While sitting there, I noticed a two set approached by a guy with a red Jewish hat. I noticed they were friends, and the guy soon left for a blonde. That was my opener.

Approaching, I ask abut the peculiar individual, we start a fun conversation and everything is fine. This being my first truly successful set though, I screwed it up because I did not decide which one of the two would be my target. However, one of them gave me her Facebook. At that point, I made the rookie mistake of moving on. I noticed that later in the night and they became my home base for the night, although reluctantly, something I again noticed too late.

Regardless, I gave a cigarette to the drunk bartender off duty, and he apparently remembered. Without me asking, he took it upon himself to open a set for me and back down. Long story short, I got their Facebooks too.

In the end, I didn't follow up on either of the three, for some reason. Now it is both too late and I have better options.

My second success came from Tinder, of all places. She was an 8,5 redhead with blue eyes. Beautiful, but I would find later she was less than interesting from an intellectual point of view. This happened tonight.

We went out for a drink, kept on talking and shit got extremely boring. I figured changing venues might change my mood, so we went out and ended up in the park. After some talk, she came to my place where she started talking about her poor taste in men and how many guys took advantage of her naivety. Due to the fact that my flat mates had a party at my place, I did not f-close, yet I am not sure I am interested in such a girl. Making her into a fuck buddy would be reasonably easy though.

Tomorrow I will be going out with my new wingman. He's quite the newbie, yet wants to learn. Being called "teacher" is quite flattering, i have to admit. I'll be back with new reports, when something interesting will happen however, until then, I want to thank the community for enabling me to reach my potential.

Keep up the good work, gents!

PostPosted: Sat Mar 04, 2017 2:00 am 
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Not too much to report today. I went out with some friends, tried sarging and failed miserably for some reason. I think the people I picked were a DLV, to be honest. I've had them around since high school, but I rarely go out with them these days due to a shift in priorities. Either way, nothing worked for me.

On the bright side though, I did help one of them score a k-close with a 6 he met on tinder by doing the text game for him. Even though I got nothing out of it, I enjoyed doing it.

PostPosted: Tue Mar 21, 2017 1:12 am 
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"Making her into an f-buddy would be reasonably easy though"

Easier said than done, especially if she is as attractive as you have us believe.

In saying that, don't turn down freebies early on into your seduction/pick-up journey. Leverage her for as many sexual experiences as you can muster.

In fact, this very point was the subject of our daily email tip that was sent out today. Where we talked about the importance of developing casual fuck-buddies as quickly as you can, in order to 'practice' and 'warm up' for when you are starting to date girls that you are truly attracted to.

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