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PostPosted: Tue Feb 28, 2017 12:55 pm 
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This Field Report took place on Thursday, February 16, 2017.

I'm on the Southside of town. It's around 12:40am (technically Friday morning)

Outside Of The Basement Bar - I Approach a 3-Set (2 Guys, 1 Girl - HB8 Blonde Hottie)

I'm outside of "The Basement Bar" (Not It's Actual Name), on the sidewalk. It's usually ravers that go to this bar, to drink and dance. Several of them are out here too. I walk through and around the groups of people on the sidewalk. They are either talking or smoking. In the distance, a few yards away..i see a group talking amongst themselves (a 3-Set). The girl looks hot, so i approached her 1st. She was probably about 5' 5" tall. I didn't square up to her, rather..i took a more calibrated approach since i saw that she was with 2 guys. I didn't want to alarm the guys that she was hanging out with, so i stopped just a few feet away from her.

Me and her made eye contact. I looked at her, smiled, waved, and i said...

Me: "Hey, what's up?" (i projected my voice since she was at a distance from me)

HB8BH: "Hi, how are you?"

She walked up to me. She was surprisingly very receptive. I don't think i said another word, i just went in for the hug. She complied and hugged me back. She's already giving me the DDBL (Doggy Dinner Bowl Look).

HB8BH: "What's your name?"


Me: You look like someone that i know" (routine pickup line)

HB8BH: "Really?"

I smiled with a little chuckle (because i knew that i was just bullshitting her)

Me: "Yes..Really!"

HB8BH: "People always tell me that i remind them of someone"

Me: "You're cute" (Direct Compliment)

I give her another hug and hold onto her for a while. (more kino)

HB8BH: "Thank you!"

Me: "Do you think i'm cute?" (I'm Forcing An IOI from her)

HB8BH: "Yeah..i think you're cute"

Me: "LOL" (I'm probably blushing right now. lol)

At this point we're making small talk with a couple of high-fives in between; "What brings you here tonight?", "Where are you from?", "I'm from here", "Cool. High Five!" Yatta..Yatta..Yatta. Basic conversation-fluff stuff. One of the guys (the shorter one) suddenly calls out to HB8BH, and says "We're going to JS Bar" (which is pretty much the next bar over from The Basement Bar). I always make it a point to acknowledge the guys in the group, so as to not make them adversaries, and potential cock blockers. So i introduce myself to both of them. I tell them that me and HB8BH both found out that we live in the same town. She corrected me, and said that she used to live there. I was thrown back by it for a second, because i could've sworn that she had said that she did live there. But in this case, i was the wrong one. I saw a familiar sight that i did not want to see. The light that HB8BH had in her eyes when she had the DDBL for me..had gone out. This is what happens when a girl is starting to lose attraction for you. So i went into a bit of reaction (my game armor was starting to crack a bit at that point). I lost my frame a bit, by re-actively trying to make rapport back with her again, in hopes to get her attracted to me again. No dice! She walked back over to both of her guy friends.

I took a bit of a breath to mentally and emotionally gather myself back again, and i relaxed my body language again (presence). I go up to her again re-gathered, and started chatting her up again. She has her back turned while she's fiddling around with her leather jacket and something in her hand..maybe her makeup, i don't really know. She doesn't say too much except for...

HB8BH: "We're going to JS Bar, are you going too?" 

Now me recognizing that in the female nuanced way of verbal communication..this question is code for "Are you coming with me to JS Bar?" I don't hesitate.

Me: "Yes"

Me and HB8BH start walking to the bar side by side. The 2 guys are a little bit ahead of us. Let me remind you all that..you can never predict a random hot chick's behavior as you are trying to sarge her. Case in point..out of nowhere, she runs ahead of me, and creates quite some distance between me and her. Now she could be doing that just to catch up with her 2 guy friends..or she's playing a cat & mouse game with me. Either way..i still keep up the pursuit (i plow forward). 2 years ago..i definitely would've given up right here, to avoid the awkward feeling of chasing after the girl.

The 2 guy friends stop and chat amongst themselves to each other, for whatever reason. But HB8BH still walks on ahead of everyone. I jog (Not full sprinting! Full sprinting after a chick would look crazy-weird & un-calibrated. It might also freak the girl out) up to meet with her side by side. I reach for her hand. Now i'm walking side-by-side with her again, with our hands held on the way to JS Bar. I tell her...

Me: "Look at what you made me do, i had to run just to catch back up with you. You just left me hanging girl"

HB8BH: "Hahaha..you didn't have to"

Me: "I didn't want you to miss out on this romantic walk with me to JS Bar" (Role Playing)

HB8BH: "Oh really now?" (as she's smiling)

Whatever kind of test that was..apparently i passed, because the attracted light is back in her eyes again.

Inside Of JS Bar

We arrive in front of the door at JS Bar. The doorman is there checking people for their IDs. HB8BH is fiddling around with her purse, looking for her ID. As she's doing that, she says to me...

HB8BH: "Tell him that i'm good to go"

Me: "Okay..."

Me: "You don't have your ID on you?"

It's now our turn to show the doorman our IDs. I have mines. She doesn't have hers, and yet he still lets her in. That's the life of a hot girl. Had she'd been ugly..i believe that she wouldn't have gotten in without an ID. Had i not had my ID, i wouldn't have gotten in. I know this to be true because..on a couple of occasions when i tried to get into this very bar before without my ID, the doorman denied me entrance both times (I had lost my ID while i was out both of those times. LOL). Anyway..we're inside of JS Bar now. The 2 guys follow suit. They start talking to some people in the bar, that i guess they already knew. HB8BH is standing there by herself..leaning against the pinball machine that is right next to the ATM kiosk. She's already kinda drunk by the way. Apparently she was drinking long before i approached her outside earlier. I go over to her and start spitting my game..mostly just joking, and teasing. I forget exactly what it was that i said to her, but you get the idea. However..i do remember a little bit of it though. While i'm talking to her..a couple of people kept messing up the flow of me and HB8BH's interaction, by either asking me "Are you in line to use the ATM?" or "Excuse me". I moved and responded to them while trying to remain un-phased. I know HB8BH got smart with me at some point, and she said something along the lines of...

HB8BH: Just so you know..i'm not leaving the bar with you. Your dick is not getting inside my pussy" (shit test & passive statement of sexual intent)

Me: "Who said that i was trying to do that" (Disqualification)

HB8BH: "I'm just letting you know" (Shit Test)

HB8BH: "Besides..i don't think you can handle me anyways" (Another Shit Test)

Me: "I hunt girls like you for a hobby" (which is kinda true lol, in a non-creepy kind of way. I'm also downplaying her cockiness)

HB8BH: "What!! Really?"

Me: "Maybe" (With A Nonchalant look on my face) 8)

At some point i get real close to her and embrace her in a hug (kino) and hold onto her for a while. As i'm doing this..i look deep into her eyes with strong eye contact and say to her...

Me: "Look at you..you're so cute and adorable" (Another Direct Compliment)

HB8BH: "Well thank you. You're cute and adorable yourself" (as she gazes deeply into my eyes as well)

Realizing that she's giving me such a strong ioi..i go straight into my kiss close routine. I call it "My Eskimo Kiss Routine". For those who don't know what an Eskimo Kiss is..it's basically when 2 people rub their noses against each other in a side-to-side motion. This technique is money because if the girl says "Yes, i know what an Eskimo Kiss is", you proceed to do it with her. If she says "No, i don't know what an Eskimo Kiss is" then you say.."Let me show you". And then you proceed with rubbing your nose against her nose, from side-to-side. Most times, a girl will comply and proceed to do it with you. And since you are already within centimeters of her lips..at some point, just kiss her on the lips. If she moves her head back (because she's resisting the kiss)..no problem. Just go back to normal conversation (regular rapport, and eventually breaking rapport). And when you feel like her comfort level with you is a little bit higher than it was when she rejected your attempt to kiss her the 1st time..try for the Eskimo Kiss routine again.

Me: "Have you ever Eskimo kissed before?"

HB8BH: "Yes"

My nose barely just touched her nose, and we just kissed each other on the lips (we didn't even do the damn Eskimo Kiss! LOL)

HB8BH: "Ohh!"

Even though she voluntarily kissed me. It probably still kinda surprised her a little bit. I kiss her again.

HB8BH: (she bites down on her bottom lip)

Me: "Okay, that's enough for now" (the classic Mystery neg)

While i'm doing all of this..i can see one of her 2 guy friends, watching all of this taking place. He had a look on his face of..WTF is going on here!? Lol. So i calibrate back..and Roll Off (i let go of holding her, and just start talking to her normally again). I talk to the friend for a little while, when the 2nd friend (the shorter guy) comes over to where HB8BH is. This dude looks like a middle-aged former Hollywood actor. He tells me that he is actually a hair stylist. I show him a picture on my phone (that i got from a google search) of some dude with a haircut style that i want. As i'm continuing my conversation with the taller, Caucasian older guy with grey hair (Guy#1)..at the corner of my eye, i can see the shorter, African American, younger guy (Guy#2) getting physical/sexual with HB8BH. I feel some emotional feelings of loss and maybe jealousy, but i try my best to ignore it and push those emotions to the back of my mind. Thanks to alot of inner game work (that specifically addresses my emotions & behaviors surrounding my neediness) that i've been working on, every since the start of 2017..this technique was very effective. I just held my frame, maintained positive body language, and did not look directly at HB8BH & Guy#2 the entire time while they were being frisky with each other..even though i saw exactly what they were doing in my peripheral vision. Repeatedly looking over at them probably would've just lowered my value, and shoved me into my own head. So i didn't even bother to look. Plus i didn't want to show any vulnerability to any of them, especially to HB8BH. I thought that Guy#2 might either be a guy that is trying to fuck HB8BH or maybe he's her boyfriend. I didn't really care as to what the specifics of that dynamic was. Guy#2 says...

Guy#2: "I'm going to the bar to get you a drink ok" (He's talking to HB8BH)

HB8BH: "Okay"

I start chatting up HB8BH again, and i tried to number close her

HB8BH: "I'm sorry, i'm not interested" (Another Shit Test)

I put her rejection to the number close in the back of my mind and go back to rapport with her. I don't know why this came up, but she randomly says...

HB8BH: "I don't like skinny dicks. They don't do it for me" ( :?: )

Me: "My dick definitely isn't skinny, it's big, but..ehhh..it's about 7 inches" (I qualified myself to her, while making a bold statement of sexual intent)

HB8BH: "I don't know why you felt like i needed to know that, but whatever"

HB8BH: "Okay it was nice meeting you. You can leave now" (She's being a bitch right now)

Me: "Why?"

HB8BH: "Because you can go back to The Basement Bar now. There's no reason for you to be here anymore. Bye, Go!" (Doing The Shewing Me Away, Motion With Her Hand)

Me: "I don't believe you, i don't think you really want me to leave" (I confidently based this belief on her earlier actions..when she proclaimed disinterest in me, but yet she still kissed me anyway. Twice! And i didn't forget about all the sexual statements that she herself made)

Me: "Let's find out if you really do" (My Hunch Was Correct!!! :) )

I move up to her again, embrace her in a hug, look into her eyes, and go for the kiss again. She's making out with me, and sticking her tongue in my mouth. When i kept pulling out from the deep kissing, she would bite down on my bottom lip REALLY FUCKING HARD and hold it there. I had to slowly push her away from me, just so a chunk of my lip wouldn't rip the fuck off. Dude, i could've sworn that my lips were bleeding. I checked by rubbing my bottom lip with my fingers, and then checking to see if it was any blood on them, and there wasn't any blood. When me and HB8BH finally stop making out..i briefly look over to my right side and see the look on Guy#1's face. He has a look on his face that is a mixture of both shock & disgust (the mutherfucker was looking real salty LOL).   

Me: "Liar! I knew that you didn't want me to leave"

HB8BH: (She has no real comeback. She kinda just smiles about it)

Guy#2 comes back and hand HB8BH and Guy#1 their drinks.

Me: "Dude..i just got bit by a shark!" (i was self-amusing and kinda tooling Guy#2 with that joke, because i knew that he wasn't aware of what just occurred. But HB8BH & Guy#1 were aware of what just took place. HB8BH was the shark. LOL) :lol:

HB8BH and Guy#1 are talking amongst themselves. So me and Guy#2 talk amongst ourselves. It turns out that Guy#2 is a really cool dude. I find out that he is a music producer. I tell him about some aspirations that i have, and how i'm still in the early stages of figuring out how and when to start them. He tells me to just dive right into them. He gives me his business card. HB8BH comes back over to Guy#2. I ask the two a serious question, to get a clearer understanding of the dynamic of their relationship.

Me: "So how do you two know each other, are you good friends?"

Guy#2: "She's my girlfriend"

Me: "Ohhhh..Ok"

Guy#1: "Yeah..They're girlfriend & boyfriend!"

Me: That's cool (In my head - Shut the fuck up you salty old chode! I wasn't asking you.)

Guy#2: "Ok dude, it was nice to meet you. I actually wanna just chill with my girlfriend now"

Me: "Yeah, no problem"

I obliged because he was actually a really nice guy, and he was chill about asking me to leave in a nice way. So i dapped him up, and bro hugged him. I did the same with Guy#1. Then when i tried to shake HB8BH's hand..she grabbed my hand with both of her hands, and moved my hand towards her mouth. She opened her mouth and put a couple of my fingers deep into her mouth, and started sucking on them, like she would if she was sucking on a cock. Licking up and down, and around my fingers with her tongue. And she did all of this right in front of her boyfriend (Guy#2) who was literally standing right next to her, watching her do all of this to my hand. I was even in shock like; WTF is going on right now! :shock: I think i sexually spiked her up too much (especially with all the back & forth dick talk between me and her earlier), that she couldn't even help herself. She had to act out on me sexually, right in front of her boyfriend while he was watching. And i'm a piece of shit for holding my hand there for nearly a quarter of a minute, not moving as she's sucking on my fingers. LOl

Guy#2: "Ok...well..i thought she was my girlfriend" (He kinda lowers his head in shame)

I honestly felt bad for him

Me: "Haha..Alright guys, have a good rest of the night" (I pull my hand from HB8BH and chuckle)

I leave them and go to the other room of the bar. There weren't any sets really worth my time in there..so i exit JS Bar and go back to The Basement Bar.


LEARNING GAME IS LAME!..Right up until the point when you will eventually see a hot girl standing or sitting right in front of you. In that moment..you will wish that you had learned game!

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