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PostPosted: Wed Feb 22, 2017 3:06 am 
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Hey Everyone,

I use to be really be into learning how talking to girls years and years ago but I've been at the point were its natural.

Pretty much every time I go out, I don't sleep at my place. This is something my friends and I joke and debate about. I prefer sleeping out and going on an adventure while some of friends prefer the comfort of their own home. I rather sleep out and get some freshly made breakfast in the morning.

So let me start off this past weekend. Casual Friday night which starts out with a happy hour with some friends. I don't even go out with the intention to meeting girls nowadays, I know its going to happen. As I write this I realize how much flirting is done before the first words are said. I can sit with my friends and make eye contact with a smokeshow across the bar and know its on without my friends even knowing that I'm in the heat of the moment flirting with the girl across the bar. Honestly I could write a book about the first eye contact alone. Eye contact is the first impression, not the first words. They already have sized you up by the time you're done staring them down.

But anyway, after we shared our stories of the week the guys wanted to talk to some ladies. So I went up to a group of girls that have been checking us out for a bit. Something else is when going up to girls, its all about two things. How the girls already feel about you and how you perceive the approve in your head. If its going to go anywhere, they want you to come talk to you. The more times you don't do it when you know you should, the more difficult it becomes. But if you get in a habit of always going over and saying hello, it will become so easy and second nature that you don't even think about it. 9/10 I don't go over unless I have eye contact first. Again, so many things to say about eye contact. Its the girls way of initiating the interaction. Its her saying, I want to talk to you, let me see what your made of, and that don't worry I don't have a boyfriend here I'm open game.

But anyway back to the story, I start chatting with the girls and the other guys come over and I introduce them. Its going really well for a couple of guys, especially me, but one guy in the group didn't come over. So I went to hang out with him for a bit. Then a different group of girls came by and stood pretty much on our laps, indirectly screaming to talk to them. So sure enough I did. Its going well and I've gotten to the point that the girl thought I was so far out of her league that she had to check with me and make sure I would go home with her which was crazy because she was so fucking cute. Which something else I have been thinking about is how some girls have terrible girl game. Where they suck at chatting with guys no matter how hot they are. But again, that's another conversation.

But after chatting with her for about 20-25 minutes went back to her place and went to town twice at night and twice in the morning. Once you figure out the routine of what works and what doesn't, talking to girls really is cake. Thinking back how I use to struggle in past and now any night of the week I know I can have success. It really isn't about money or status or how someone looks, its all about being able to play the game.

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PostPosted: Thu Feb 23, 2017 3:02 pm 
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Eye contact is the first impression, not the first words. They already have sized you up by the time you're done staring them down.

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