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PostPosted: Mon Jan 23, 2017 1:05 am 
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Hi, recently i get vacations and determined to get commited to the game, and build some ground from where to grow with a more paced rythm. Thus far, i get some insights that may be helpfull for those who are starting in this just like me, i think i can overcome some obstacles, but, i get others about I may want to ask for suggestions.

I mostly used MM. So i went out friday 13, and make some gross aproachings, but non really hooked :| . I thought it may be the club, the way a was dressing. Go out to another club saturday 14, really full of beautyfull girls, also make some gross approaches, and non hooked :| :x . I was kind of wondering what was going wrong, what i'm not getting right, i think it may be the loud music, and my poor skills and internalization of the material may be.
So i get more analitical with the MM. Started some day game. Last Wednesday i managed to make 6 approaches, but non really hooked :| :roll: . At this time i was in "doubting the game state" :roll: , feeling discouraged :cry: etc., but i get the virtue to get analitical and critical and try to asses if anything was missing. A lot was missed :idea: .
The friday i get some more well stacking of the routines, practice the expresivenes of the voice and facial expressións, body rocking, negs, teasing, etc. Also, i came to a really well rooting of the "tatoo opener", that allow me to stop walking targets with total naturality and without sparking suspiciousness. I made 6 approaches, it went better, get more verbal investment, giggles, etc :) . At one point, the only time i can stack routines (tatoo, niece gift) the girl (HB7.5) kept all the time facing her body towards me, and looking at me, and giving me good answers :) , i think i could scalate this, but i didn't know how and just eject (point to correct in the next sarging, go for the close).
And then also go out the night, i made around 6 approaches as well. Try to get aligned in the 3s rule, and approach not viable sets, just for take momentum and manage social proof. I get some really good responses. Get one facebook close :!: , and a girl flirt with me a time after i talk with her group, and later a guy ask me if i want to dance with her sister :shock: (yes, in this place were very usual come in family, it seems). Sadly, i couldn't find the girl on facebook :( ; we dance a lot of time, and get huge IOIs, so i don't think that she gave me a false one.
The saturday i go out again, but this time to a more "top level" club. Here the things didn't go too well. Made two approaches and C&B. Do another one, C&B and a girl punch me in the chest :shock: . Then I approached other girl (the music was too loud to speak to a group, also, I can only, with difficulty speak to the ears), i said the thing "There seems to be a girl than likes you" etc., she giggle, i continued with the subject, she continued with the gigles, but i was kind of discouraged :? , and my mind went blank, and just eject. I can't judge clearly if the giggles was IOIs or just was a result of the intrisic funnyness of the opener. Why the venue went too awfull? I don't know what exactly could be. Obviously the girls seem of a lot of high expectations, but also i didn't see a lot of guys approaching and hooking with girls, the girls were most on theirs groups. Anyway, the music also was very loud; it really handicaped the gambits and tactics of the MM. ¿Any suggestions of tactics or strategies for loud music enviorments? I tried to resume the openers and go straight to the essence of it, but it made it fade the interaction really fast, without giving time to get a hook. Also one was obligged to speak to the ear of just one person, it may be percibed as a clear IOI, desmantling all the self-disqualification strategy, and promoting the blocking by her peers (a girl punch me :roll: ). One can't talk a lot, so one can't use a lot of false time constraints, negs, etc. I read here that one use more kino, i try it, but if one does not have some compliance and IOIs the Kino is rejected.

So, i want to make relevance that even if the things did not go well, one don't have to get discouraged too soon; one have to see ifthere's something truly missing in his actions and see how to fix it. A lot of newbies -me in a time- think it's just matter of to know the opener, the lines, and say it. That's not the thing, there's other things more important and central to keep in mind. And if anyone have any suggestions about how i can overcome my sticking points, i'll appreciate it.

Regards from Argentina :D ! (sorry if there's some bad language around there :oops: )

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