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 Post subject: Don't do drugs
PostPosted: Fri Jun 23, 2017 1:58 pm 
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So I'm riding around in my 64
Jocking the bitches smacking the hoes

No foreal though,

I'm on my way to this girls house chilling, the whole meet was pretty smooth and by that i meant she didn't flake, i actually had to push the date back because i was busy with errands. So around 4 ish i pull up to this girls spot and call her, she comes out and tells me to come in. She lets her dog out and we chill on the porch a bit while it just runs in the woods.

Now, I'm locked and loaded here people, I'm negging her, being funny, i tell her how its passed lunch time then look at her like you eat lunch? Surprise surprise she doesn't but she'd love to go out. She just wants to smoke a bit first.

Word, I love smoking weed buuuuuuuttt, when I get a little THC in me I start looking at things a bit differently. A girl to me when i'm high isn't what a girl to me when i'm sober is. But funk, i figure i got this in the bag. So I toke.

We drive to subway, a little high. She listens to this alternative rock band that I think sounds a lot like hawk nelson. I play her Hawk Nelson and she likes it, ends up playing it the entire ride there and back. Subway. Was. Terrible. The place was dead silent there was only one woman working and the guy at the counter was trying to cure world hunger with his laundry list of food. We just stood there. I made little bits of conversation but the silence was overwhelming. There wasn't even any music in the place.

Flash forward and were back at her place. It's about mid-way, archers on the t.v. and she's got her legs up on me and were just talking. I checked the time and figured this was it. I told her to move closer to me and took her hat off. After a good serious look I told her id give her two dollars to let her hair down. She giggles and did it. I began fucking with her hair while talking to her--getting her comfortable. I don't know if this is outdated now but i did the whole evolutionary phase shift routine on her and it would've worked great if i remembered the other three steps( because i was stoned). I got to the hair pulling and it seemed to be enough. Where she had been distant with me she was now cuddling up next to me loading chops and looking up at me while I watched T.V.

At this point i should've went for it. I didn't. I was so high by the time the moment had came i froze up. I watched her stare up at me probably triangular gazing for a precious 5 seconds....then......

"I should probably see when my friends are coming"....about an hour of nothing later i excused myself. We embraced and it was clear she was probably as dissapointed as i was
Mistakes: Smoked weed, forgot my escalation process, let a crucial moment come and go, wore white socks
What I learned: Don't do drugs

Your thoughts are appreciated gentlemen

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PostPosted: Fri Jun 23, 2017 3:08 pm 
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Great story Bro. You identified the problem. You solved it. Rinse repeat.

They call me the cat whisperer, cause I know exactly what the pussy needs.

 Post subject: Re: Don't do drugs
PostPosted: Fri Jun 23, 2017 10:06 pm 
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Hesitation can be the enemy of fun.

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