Another feild report.

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 Post subject: Another feild report.
PostPosted: Sun Jan 22, 2017 11:51 pm 
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Its been a few months since my last field report, I kinda taken a little break from Pickup have not been dedicating a lot of time to approaches other then the odd approach or two here and there which were uneventful, some times you just need some down time from the game.

During the month of December I was able to able to get 4 dates with 4 separate women from online dating some how, but this is not about online dating, of which I have kinda grown tired of sending out 100rds of messages and constantly checking and responding to messages on dating sites while at work xD

Anyway, So I have been able to pull numbers from women more often now, believe it or not I have been pulling numbers for women after only talking to them for about a minute or two. I think I have maybe approached about 20-25 women since December and have been able to pull about three numbers one of them being from a girl who works at a store near my place that I had been doing slow game on. I have not been able to get a date yet, as nothing panned out from 2 of the girls I got numbers from they did at least respond to my texts. This is likely from me not building enough rapport with the women in the first place, as these were last minute approaches before I had to leave for work. The third girl is still up in the air as to whether or not I will be going on a date with her, she could not go out this weekend due to family visiting, however I just played it cool and ask her out again at a later date.

I'm not going to detail out every interaction, instead I will give a summary of what happened. The approached where I did not get a number from would go three ways.

1. Completely ignores me and walks away(this does not happen very much)
2. Kinda giggles and stops, and kinda walks away before I can get a conversation going(I need to work on this area)
3. We chit chat for a few seconds, I pickup that shes kinda annoyed by me talking to her or other bad body language and I break off the conversation.

Then there’s the instance where the conversation is going, but I chode out and let my nerves get the best of me however this is becoming less frequent as I do more approaches. Another thing I need to work on is stopping women while that are walking and pulling them into a conversation, especially when they giggle a bit, stop and then start walking away, with out being too pushy. I wonder if working on my voice projection will help with.

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