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So i broke up after 5years recently (didnt have any practice during that time :( ) and:
I got new intern girl in my company (with BF.. :( :( ), one evening i've texted her about some work related stuff and we switched to some prive stuff.
Day1: A few days later i got work trip to another city (for a week) and was bored in Hotel so i texted her and we were texting eachother for like 5-6 hours till 2 am. It was about me in general about her, about work, about life experience. At the end she tried to call me names like little boy or grumpy guy but i mentioned that it's best to not go there and she stopped.
Day2: No contact all day i have texted her again in the evening and same story, more about private life, we started touching erotic life, she again started calling me boy etc and we were sharing our erotic fantasies and moved from there to some sexting. She sent me some pictures in sexy poses... again 2 am..
Day3: We were texting since i waked up and we were talking on the phone on the evening, i told her that i started to like her and miss her voice when we dont talk, she said similar things but also she was mentioning that this is just fantasy and not so real so i dont get my hopes high we just have fun sexting our erotic fantasies. I asked her out when i'm back in the city she agreed.
Day4: Talking on the phone in the morning, some texting and in the evening she texted me that we should stop this and get back to normal. I quickly responded "no problem" and went to do something else. She called me and we were talking for about 4h, she said that she has now issues with her male best friend as she couldnt tell him about our relation and he caught her lying. In the end her male best friend wanted to break up their friendship as trust was damaged and therefore she wanted to stop talking to me so she could rescue her friendship.. after the talk we were back where we were before, sexting and having fun.
Day5: 1h phone call in the morning before work, later sexting but more issues about her boyfriend, that we should just be friends.. but she thinks about me. Later she wanted to hear my voice and we had phonesex. Some time later she called me that she wants to stop and asks me to forget all that and not to tell anyone what happened. Again we talked (5h in total) over the phone.. she tried to repair things with her best male friend and didnt work our and it was driving her crazy she also was shocked that we had phone sex.. We had second phone sex at the end of the conversation.. I think we were both getting tired after not sleeping properly for so many nights. We have discussed that this is going too fast and we should slow down things.
Day6: short morning call, later some texting, more about us being friends, her having boyfriend.. blablabla.. sometimes some nice things that she likes me as each time i mentioned my feelings. We ended texting around 23 when she said she was in the bath preparing for her BF..
Day7: long morning call but it wasnt what it used to be, we both were a little bit tired and cold. I really started to like her and her mentioning her boyfriend/us friends was hurting quite a lot. Our meeting was still on. Some texting but three times she attacked with being friends and trying to avoid sexual content.
Day8: short morning call, she was tired i was tired we didnt speak much.. she only said that see is happy to see me again. She was meeting that day with her best male friend as they wanted to break up.. (huh i have more issue with her male best friend than with actual BF). I have texted her around 19, she texted back around 22 if she can call me and i said yes. She called and was drunk, she said that they didnt break up but he helped her understand all things, including me and now she needs to think about the direction she wants to take.

Day9 is tomorrow.. and we are having drinks after work... how the f.. should i play this out? Please help..

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