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PostPosted: Sun Jun 25, 2017 2:25 am 
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Good day players.

Just humbly asking for advice.

Back story.

Met this girl in a bar. HB7 kinda reminds me of my ex (messes my game for some reason) lets call her chinaHB7

Day 1

We got sh*tfaced. Talked about her life, her dreams and sh*t. I was just nodding and trying to escalate. Farthest i went was a kiss on the cheek. Exchanged numbers.

Sent her a text the following day. No reply.

Tried calling, she picked, up had to set a day 2. Shes always busy at work (we are on a ship.)

Exchanged texts and calls.

Day 2

Called her asked what she was doing. Said she was going to the bar. I said ill invite myself. She said no probs. She had her friends there. 6 almost all chicks. I tried getting opinions but they werent really that into it (language barrier, im on a chinese cruise ship)

When i saw peeps i knew, i decided to change tables since she left me with some of her friends who dont really like talking. But before i left, tried asking one of her friends for a smoke. This was the only fun friend. We laughed at stupid sh*t and i asked for a chinese movie (which i plan to use to get HB7 for movie night) she said she had 1 and that shell give me a copy.

I left their table, hanged out with other peeps. Did some pickup with random HB7 (i hate that i got really invested with china HB7, messes my game.) Did some kino on new chick (4 pecks on her cheek as a "local greeting") tried looking for chinaHB7. Didnt see her. Called her the next day. Said she decided to eat with her friends.

Day 3

I called randomly asking for a pen. And if she wanted anti sleeping drugs.

Met up. I asked if i could trust her. She said yes. I made her pinky swear (sh*tty kino, i know) Asked for the pen to sniff the drugs HAHA.

I was just messing with her. Just took the pen (as my hostage for another meetup) and gave her the "drugs" i said we were friends. And that friends share. So the two pieces of candy i gave, i took one. She laughed. I said i had to go.

Day 4

Called again asking if she believes in psychics,i told her that we will play a game. If i get stuff right, she buys me beer. I get it wrong, i buy her beer.

>I told her she wore black. 1 beer
>Told her she was bored. 1 beer
>She was gonna meet a cute guy who will make her smile in 5 mins.

Called her after work. Room mate answered. Said chinaHB7 left her phone. Asked her to give a message, she owes me 2 cans.

Went to the bar. Saw some friends. Hanged out. Then finally saw her. Didnt give her any attention til we "accidentally" bumped each other.

Said ill collect my beer later.

Randomly met her again at the smoking area. I said hey, youre gonna smile now. She was reluctant. But gave a slight grin. Then i said, thats number 3.

She said fine, then i left to go back to my friends.

By this time, i already had a bit too much to drink.

Finally, decided to walk to their table. She was alone, asked her where her friends were. Said i was gonna collect my beers.

But from another table, saw peeps i knew, they said hey and sent me beer (close knit crew on ship) said thanks, tried to game chinahb7. Goddamn it i was drunk. Could not game.

My topics were stale, but she was responding. Did some light kino, just minor to no resistance.

Dont really remember how we ended up at the smoking area again, then i said i had something for her. Showed her the pic of her pen (i drew a face on it) with a speech bubble asking her to help it. Also i was able to give her another "anti sleeping drug" she sais thanks.

I said, ur friend is my hostage. He will die slowly if you dont get me a chinese movie. She then offered to buy me some beer. Since my other friends were sending beer my way i said no. Offered her some beer, but she said shes just drinking wine tonight.

Fastforward to randome smalltalk with other smokers.

I saw her again. For some reason, grabber her hand to ask if she got burnt by something (she had a mole) no resistance (i think) then she said she had to take a piss.

I followed her, and waited outside the washroom. I didnt know what to do next. Startrd Feeling like an effin AFC. She went out of the washroom with her friend. They then left the bar.

So sh*t. I dont know what to do next.

Ive been exchanging calls and texts for the past few days.

I felt bad she left me again, not saying sh*t.

I want to game her some more, but i was thinking of not talking to her today. She never initiates texting.

I am stumped. Ive been out of the game for a couple of years but still know some of the basic lingo.

I aleardy forgot some basic IOI's. (ill read uo again) Im just winging everything right now.

I wann fclose this chick.

Im just stumped. Dont know what to do next.

Inputs are highly valued!


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