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PostPosted: Wed Jan 06, 2016 5:30 am 
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So it's just gone 5am where I am, I'm laying in bed thinking about a few things whilst checking Facebook. As you get older probably most of you question life? As in why we chose certain paths. I see my friends, or people from school that are either getting married, traveling the world or have their shit together with a good job and a house.

A little bit about myself and this will make more sense. I am 24, with a good social group of friends and without sounding cocky but I do quite well with women. Even though I have not long broke it off from a 5 year relationship. I work a normal job and currently doing a course so I can study next year in university. I guess some would say I am a late bloomer, and I have only myself to blame. I'm not lazy, I work and study hard I might add but it all seems pointless, like I've left it too late! I live with my parents who I love very much, but fucking hate that I do because at the moment I can't afford to move out until I move away to university next year.

So as I lay here questioning this, I need some advice if you have ever or still are in the same situation as me? What can I do to get out of it? I know there is more to life than this, as a cliche I asked a close friends dad what if you could do anything different what would you have done at a younger age? and his reply hit me like a fucking truck " he said live and not care so much about his future at such a young age" he said that even though he had a good job nice house and car he regretted not traveling, not doing spontaneous stuff instead of listening to his parents and get a carrier so soon. I know 24 isn't that old but I feel life is just passing me by and I'm wasting every minute of it. I'm not depressed or anything like that I'm quite a happy person, but I want to live my life and not regret a single thing I've done. Yet I'm not sure how to get out of this shitty routine. I guess the best way of doing this is making money? But I don't know how other than working which until I finish uni I'll be stuck with shitty dead end jobs.

Anyway sorry for the longish post I just wanted to rant, and thought here is a good place to do it.

Thanks for reading AP

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