Strong Quiet Guy or Talktaive Charmer

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PostPosted: Sun Jul 03, 2016 8:52 am 
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It's hard to explain. But the media and all this PUA material gets confusing when it comes to body language or at least the part about extroverts. So I'll try it explain it in two exampls from TV/movies:
Case A: Neil Caffrey (White Collar)
He is charming, talkative, smiles for a living. He holds the conversation, tells a lot of stories, someone charming.
Case B: Dominic Toretto (Fast & Furious)
He is quiet, doesn't talk much, isn't very charming, and speaks only as much as necessary
Which one of these is better to be like? Not just in terms of girls, but in life in general. I figured through out my life, it's not good to be angry and have a serious face all the time, to be mad at the world. But if you are too friendly people treat you like a goof.
I tried both, both work in certain social situations. Which one is better? Which one would have more success with women? Which one would be stronger in a business enviroment?

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This is too subjective to answer

Just pick one that is more for you or just use the best stuff from both


PostPosted: Sat Jul 16, 2016 8:35 pm 
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Your body language is formed by what you do and the guy you are.

If you want a more dominant body language engage in activities that
MAKE you a more dominant person.

If you want to be a "charmer" get out there and socialize.

There are no rules for it.

Just because you're a charmer doesn't mean your necessarily very talkative.

And just because you're a dominant guy doesn't mean you're quiet.

When you cut things up into cookie cutter molds like that you limit yourself.

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Body language in pick up is very straight forward.

For example, Leaning into the women, while having conversation you seem needy.
While leaning back more, almost as you can turn and walk away at anytime makes you seem less needy and like you might be something to lose.

Another Example, you're in the club you lean in to the girls ear to talk to her, this comes off as a sign and most basic ordinary guys do this, it can seem needy, or that your of low value. talk louder more confidently and let her lean in to hear you.

Body language, speak with it.

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