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PostPosted: Fri Mar 31, 2017 3:07 pm 
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Hey guys, I want to share with you one of the best things you can do when you find yourself
in a situation when you want to START a conversation with a girl.

Instead of thinking about WHAT to say for too long, the best way is to NOTICE what is the FIRST thing
that comes to your mind.

For example, when you see a guy passionately taking pictures with a camera,
your first thought could be "Is he a professional photographer?"

If you see a girl in a dress with butterflies, your first thought could be "Is she an artist?"

If you see a girl walking really elegantly, your first thought could be "Is she a dancer?"

So your first challenge is to become AWARE of what people around you are
doing, vs. being in your head and thinking about what to say.

Then your next move is to walk up and say it.

"Hey, quick question - are you a professional photographer?
Because I've noticed how passionate you are with taking pictures."

Hey, quick question - are you an artist? Because I've noticed your dress with butterflies,
and I thought only an artistic soul would would wear something like that."

Hey, quick question - are you a dancer? Because I couldn't help noticing your walk -
it's so elegant."

Make sense?

So the gist of it is this:

1. Become AWARE of your surroundings

2. NOTICE something about the people

3. ASK them about it

Pretty simple.


For all of you just starting out, I have a challenge - if you choose to accept it.

Step #1: Go out and observe 3 different girls with what they're doing. Notice how
they walk, their dress, or anything that stands out about them.

Step #2: Walk up to them and make a comment about it. Ask them about it using the
examples above.

Step #3: Say, "Awesome, well I wish you a great day, bye" and leave the conversation.

If you're just starting out, just walking over there and saying something is enough to
get your feet wet.

When you do it, send me a pm with the story of how you did it, and for anyone who sends me
a story of his experience, I will give a free coaching session, where I will personally help you get
to the next level.

I need 30 guys to test my new AA Cure technique, that eliminates your AA
in UNDER an hour.

>You have to be over 21 of age
>You're not comfortable approaching women
>You are serious about eliminating it

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