ok i improved my game just by treating girls like shit -.-

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PostPosted: Tue Mar 07, 2017 9:24 pm 
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This is fucking retarded, i approached a girl, and i managed to get her in a date. Then she friendzoned me.
Then i got revolted and extremely anti women , and i started to treat all women like a bunch of bitches, and ironically, they are the ones who approach me..
Can anyone pls explain wtf is going on?

- English is not my main language, so don't mind my mistakes pls.

PostPosted: Wed Mar 08, 2017 1:12 am 
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It's a paradigm shift that you made in how you approach the game.

I think it's because you've become more entitled by treating them like crap, and the girls can sense that in you. If you try to do that again..it may not work the next time, because when you did it before, you actually believed that you should be treating girls like crap. If you try it again just for a good result..girls may sense an agenda behind it, so it may not work. They can sense when a guy's entitlement is genuine or fake.

I'm going to explain this from another angle..in terms of how you approach girls when you're "out-of-state" and how you approach girls when you're "in-state"

Girls are used to guys ("Nice Guys") who put them up on the pedestal, and they are repulsed by this. You'll see reactions like this particularly from girls at bars and clubs (if you do alot of nightgame). It particularly happens when you're out-of-state. I know for me it does. When you're out-of-state you don't really feel that entitled to hot girls in that moment. So your default when you're out-of-state, is to approach girls in a way that the "typical nice guy" does. That's why girls' typical reaction to a guy who approaches them when he is in that state is disgust. I think RSD calls this "Beta Male Shaming". You ever noticed that when you're "in-state", the sets seems to go alot better? It's because when you're in-state you don't give a fuck, and the girls that you approach while you're in-state, can feel that entitlement seep off of you. And they are attracted (not repulsed) to that.

Girls want to chase after the guy that they feel like they can't have. In other words..the guy who doesn't give a fuck. It's fucked up and unfair, but that's how it is. That's why you don't only want to be in that "i don't give a fuck" mindset whenever you're in-state. You want to aim to be that way all the time (no matter what state you're in). I always tell my wingman (the one who i taught cold approach pickup to) to treat girls who are 7s, 8s, 9s, and 10s like they are all 5s. Easier said than done right! :roll: But it's true! That's really how you have to treat them. He always talks to me about this stripper chick that he has oneitis for, and he's trying to hookup with (who never really gives him the time of day by the way). I asked him this.."Would you ever have oneitis for a girl who is a 5? (as in HB5) He said.."No, i wouldn't". I said.."Exactly!" He was evidently putting that stripper chick on a pedestal. If that same stripper chick was an HB5, around her, he would behave as if he didn't give a fuck. Now he understood. I've seen her, i give her an 8.8/10

Sorry for the long reply, but i tried to thoroughly explain all the nuances that i believe that is at the cause behind this phenomenon.


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PostPosted: Wed Mar 08, 2017 7:36 am 
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What's going on is that women don't want their ass kissed, which you have been doing.

Now you're being an ass yourself and that will backfire just as hard when they realize you're not a tease, challenge, or fun guy, just a piece of shit.

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