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PostPosted: Fri Mar 24, 2017 8:23 pm 
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Hello guys! I lost my old account/e-mail so I had to create this new one, but whatever, let's begin.
So, I'm in a strange situation I've never been before..

There's this L.V.(I assume she's a L.V. considering the ppl she hangs out with) girl in my college new classroom(I only see her in class 1 time per week, cuz it's only 1 discipline we do together), since day one we've had some great eye contacting, but she's the shy type.
On the interval she hangs out with some gay guys and a HB 6(or less).

I have a gf, but things aren't going as well as they should, what I want is to get to know this new girl, at least, to see if I really like it or if only the eye contact is good.

Ok, last week I sent her a message after liking 4 pics of her on Instagram(she locked her Instagram after the likes), I pinged her and said:

Me: Sorry for the pic stalking
She: haha, no problem, it's normal, chill
Me: Not normal mrs., I dont stalk regular ppl
She: Hmm, ok, where do you know me from?
Me: I don't.
She: Ohh, but how did you find me?
Me: Searched for your name after hearing your name in the class.
She: Oh, so you know who I am
Me: Yes yes, but I dont follow ppl I don't know IRL
She: oh ok.

3 days gap(Instagram-message-same thing)
(Considering that the college is in between a couple cities)
Me: You from here(my city)?
She: Yes yes! I aam(yes she typed moaning-style)

3 days gap
-I followed her on Instagram, she followed me back an hour later.
-10 minutes later she cancelled the follow (perhaps for seeing me with a right-wing political shirt, or pics with my gf)
On this same day I saw her again in the college dining hall, she always sits on places she has a full view of me, still, she sits kinda far, she was wearing these yellow shoes.
On the way to the building we study she and her friends passes by me while I'm hanging out with 2 girls and a male friend, didn't see if she looked, anyway; On the stairs she turns her head back to estabilish Eye Contact, and it's a damn strong one, ok, I corresponded.

The day after, on Instagram, messasing:
-Hahahahahah(laughs) I liked the yellow little shoes(she has very small feet)
6 hours gap
-ahahahahahhaahah(laughs) thaanks!(she always type this moaning-style)

Ok, so it's been 3 days, and I haven't seen her around, not even in college, she's busy with some other disciplines.
I took this week to peacock my style a lil bit, pierced my ears(I use a number 2 buzzcut hair), she didn't see it though.
My questions are:
-Should I try a re-opening on Instagram by messaging her(never asked why she stopped following me, never will)?
-Just take some time off and wait til next week til she gets to see me?
-What would be your guys action from here?


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PostPosted: Sat Mar 25, 2017 6:27 pm 
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1. Instagram seems to be working. She seems to have mirrored you twice. No. Don't ask why she unfollowed you. Yes, reopen on Instagram.

2. Be consistent with those 3 day gaps in messages until she gets used to it. Her shy personality requires some form of consistency from your end.

3. When you meet her face-to-face again, talk with her and then pull her for an instadate at the university cafeteria. A few days after the instadate, invite her to your place.

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