2 Appraoches 2 Diferent Results

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PostPosted: Sun Jan 08, 2017 10:59 am 
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Hi guys i went out Yeserday again after being pretty disapointment not being Able to Approach Last Friday i know that i really have to step up my Game to get back on the Horse so i entered he Club pretty Sober havent drink nothing i felt alot more Realxed when not Drunk so i decided to enter the Club walked down The Stairs

I arrived infront of the Bar Orders A Smirnoff and startet to look arround it was pretty Hard to find the right Target to do the First Approach (I know there is no right target) well i was just trying to Approach i tried to position myself near the Girls i was intersted in.I even had some Girls Smilieing at me even when the some Girls were looking at me and Smiling i still did not have the Courage to Approach it was like an Invisble Barrier i wasnt even Scared of the Girls or something i just could not do any Approaches even tought i was interstet in the Girls i ended up going near them Standing right next to them and them i wantet to Approach i was counting in my head down like 3 2 1 GO approach and still did not do it

Everytime im going out i have to fight a Huge inner Battle with myself its like a War where i really have to defeat myself i know it sounds crazy but its like that i really WANT to approach but its hard for me to do it

After a Couple of Drinks and walking arround like Crazy managed to find a Girl i was interstet in It was a Girl near the Dancefloor i decided to go near her and then after 2 Hours and 40 Minuts i finaly managed to make my first Approach i touched her Arm lightly so i can get her Attention she turned arround and i just said

Hi How are you whats ur name emedetly after she turned arround she looked at me didt said Anything and rejected me she did not reject me Verbaly but she Ignored me she just turned to her friend and Ignored me

At this Point i was actually Pretty happy that i made the Approach i didt care much that i got rejected i dont know what i did wrong there maybe she just wasnt intersted in me BUT i finaly made my first Approach now i really also understand what Julien from RSD Means with being Happy with your OWN action instand of her Reaction ok so first Set near the Dancefloor i got rejcted i decidet to move on to another Set

This time near the Bar Group of 3 Girls i went near the Girls trying to seek eye Contact not much and then Approached with the exact same Opener hi how are you my name is bla bla whats ur name? But this Time the Set Opens

This Girl was Similiar Hot as the LastGirl i would say even a bit Hoter xd

Ich: Hi wie wie gehts wie heisst du?

HB7 Hei sorry what did u say?

Ich:Do you speak German?

HB7:No sorry i only speak english

Ich: ah ok hi how are you? my name is bla bla whats ur name?

HB7:im good my name Cathrin

Ich:Okei :) Where are you from?

HB8:Im from America

Ich: Ah cool do you like Switzerland?

HB8 Yes its Awesome

I left after her friend came into the Set i dont knwo what to do when in an Set with a Girl and her Friends joins the Set and talking to your target well she did not really tell me to leave but i runned out of Matterial and then left i just said have Great night guys

So I did the exact same Opener on 2 Girls on Girls on the other Girl i get rejected emedetly Did the First Girl just did not like how i look ? So she wasnt intersted me? I havent done anything different between the 2 Sets (Or maybe i did and i dont know it?)

Are American Girls More open then European Girls?

How can i manage to Appraoch when i want to? ive alot some Girls where i made eye conatct with them and they acutally looked back and even Smilied happent 2 Times i wasnt been Able to approach them i find it really sad because they looked really Friendly but even when they gave me Eye Contact and Smilied at me i still did not have the Balls or dont have the Dicipline to move to that Girl and approach her even tough i was interstet in her >.< thats the sad part some of the Girls i was interstet in sadly i didt approach so im still need to really learn how controll myself and actually doing what i want to do.

Soo from 0 Approaches to 2 One Rejection and one Set opens what should i do next? im a Beginner i feel like im getting better now should i keep work on my Approach Skills? when should I ask for the Number? what could ive done better and what should be my next Challange?

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